Why Stage?


Staging – the stats

There’s a very simple answer to the question ‘Why do I need to stage my property?’. Staged properties sell on average for 12% more and 40% faster than empty properties. It’s clear why staging has become such a critical marketing investment for home owners and their agents in an increasingly competitive marketplace—because it’s likely to offer far better returns.

Empty homes and unfurnished developments can feel clinical, small and characterless without furnishings and decor, fading into the background in a sea of listings. Furthermore, negatives are magnified in an empty space — without enough to look at, potential buyers often hone in on small issues.

The power of emotion

Residential real estate is an emotionally-driven game; you’re not just selling bricks and mortar, but a home where people will create memories and retreat from their busy lives. That’s why the idea of selling not only a property, but a desirable lifestyle, will help set your investment apart. Quality staging builds desirability, and it’s this desirability that will emotionally engage potential buyers.

Decluttering and depersonalising

Just as an empty property presents a unique set of challenges, so too does a cluttered, very personalised property. It’s worth remembering that the way we live in our home and the way we sell our home are very different.

The Style Dept. specialises in editing and enhancing clients’ personal spaces to broaden their property’s market appeal. This allows buyers to easily imagine themselves and their own belongings in the property, rather than thinking “I’m not even sure what this house looks like underneath all of this stuff”.